Cable axis 1-6

Replaces old cable: 3HAC042840-001 3HAC069607-001


IRB 6400 M96-M98, axis 1, Standard IRB 6400 M96-M98, axis


Yaskawa Motor ax 6 without pinion


Yaskawa IRB140 axis 5+6

Serial measurement board

Can replace DSQC 253



Serial measurement board


Devicenet adapter

Devicenet slave For Anybus connector DSQC 1000/1018

Profinet adapter

Profinet slave For Anybus connector DSQC 639

Profibus adapter

Profibus slave For Anybus connector DSQC 639


Mounted at panelboard E3

Holder Flex pendant

For IRC5 TPU1/TPU2 Flexpendant 3HAC12929-1/3HAC023195-001

CC-link Interface

For use with IRC5P Paint Controller

Drive module I/O

Drive module IO RS485

Axis Computer

14 axis for IRB14000 500Mhz DSP

Holder SxTPU3 upper part

Holder SxTPU3 only upper part

Holder Flex Pendant

3HAC033498-001 Holder Flex Pendant, complete


IRC5 HV Drive 09

Combi I/O

Digital 8 in/8 out + 2 analog out


M2006 and newer For older M2004, use 3HAC020150-001


M2004 For M2006 och newer, use 3HAC025562-001

Drive unit

External axis type W

Drive unit

External axis type U

Drive unit

External axis type C

Computer unit

M2000 with electronic cooling (Peltier) Content: CPU DSQC 500 I/O

M2000 Cooling Unit

Electronic cooling unit to suit M2000 computer units: 3HAC10939-5 3HAC10939-8

Cable axis 1-6

Cable axis 1-6

FlexPendant Retractable Cable

20m cable for S4 Teach Pendants 3HNE00313-1/3HNE00314-1

Drive Unit ADU HV

Single drive unit for M2009 and higher (HV)