• We accept payment by PayPal or a regular bank transfer after an invoice.
  • Buyer protection: is a reputable online escrow service that offers a secure way for buyers and sellers to conduct transactions. It acts as a neutral third party that holds the funds until both parties are satisfied with the transaction. This protects both the buyer and the seller from potential fraud or misrepresentation.

    When using for payment protection, the buyer deposits the payment into an Escrow account. The seller then ships the product or provides the service as agreed upon. Once the buyer receives the product or service and verifies its quality and condition, they notify to release the payment to the seller. If there are any disputes or issues, can act as a mediator to resolve the situation.

    Overall, using for payment protection provides peace of mind for both buyers and sellers and can help prevent scams and fraudulent activities.

A 30 day payment period applies to all customers.

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