The company

GRP, Global Robot Parts, is part of the Swedish company group SWEROB and the international company focusing on the global market. Utilizing our long-time experience with ABB robots, based on development, production and the after sales, we promise that we can deliver the right spare part and solve your problem.

Our business concept

  • to have an extensive stock of ABB robot spare parts from S2 -> IRC5
  • to maintain very high quality and standards for spare parts
  • to provide fast deliveries world wide
  • to do all this at a reasonable price

GRP can ensure the highest quality of all spare parts we deliver through our highly experienced employees in combination with in-house access to qualified test equipment, test rigs and instruments. Swerob and GRP have their own workshop for electronic and mechanical repair in our own facilities.

In-house we also provide cabling and special cabling for a wide range of ABB robot models. All cables are function tested in our test equipment before delivery to customer. In-house we have specialist competence on motors for ABB robots. To ensure high quality refurbished motors we proceed function testings and color with original paint before delivery.


Swerob was established 1987 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Swerob focuses on the Nordic market, while Global Robot Parts, which started in 2010, focuses on international spare part sales. Within the company group we have many years of experience and skills from  ABB industrial robots, and through constant transfer of competence, our goal is to be the most competent player in the  market.

Durability, quality and environment

Our goal and purpose of the business is to be the leading supplier of sustainable refurbished spare parts. By reusing, refurbish and testing used ABB robots as well as taking care of spare parts, we help to recover and prolong the life of ABB robots.

Recycling is an important part as it is important from a sustainability perspective and contributes to  a sustainable society. We are always striving for high ethical, social and environmental standards. We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Our environmental work is about maintaining resources and we are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact. All our service cars are environmentally friendly, our industrial property  is extra-insulated and uses geothermal heat.

Personnel and business skills

For us, ethical and social values are important. We recruit employees for their skills and their will to develop. We continuously work with the development of individuals and the group as a whole. What unites us is our curiosity and our passion for new challenges and always serving our customers in the best possible way.