Problems with unreadable robot system floppy disks? Lost program disks? Boot disks nobody can find?

We developed a product to solve floppy disk problems; Disk Drive Replacement (DDR).

The DDR replaces all old floppy disk units in ABB robot systems (S2, S3, S4, S4C and S4C+ with DSQC540 computer)


The DDR comes at a price of 420EUR (excl. VAT).

Article numbers:
S2: 900055
S3: 900052
S4: 900053
S4C+: 900063


DDR overview

  • Program, backups, parameters and boot disks are stored on a single SD card and operate according to the same principle as a hard drive for the robot system. It is a major benefit having a boot pack that is always available.
  • Backup and restore of the entire SD card to a PC or network. This was never possible before in S2 or S3 systems with old drives
  • File management and editing of programs in S4, S4C and S4C+ (with DSQC540 computer) can be executed as usual in a PC using “DDR PC Software 2”
  • Possibility of using the old floppy disk unit in parallel with DDR in S3, thanks to a special switch cable. This makes it easy when transferring programs and parameters
  • Environmental endurance and safe storage of data in a CE-marked product
  • Installation in just a few minutes
  • Very low purchase price



Documentation S2 (english)

Documentation S3 (english)

Documentation S4-S4C-S4C+ (english)

Documentation switch cable (english)


DDR PC Software 2

The PC software is, among other things, used for

  • Backup and restore of SD cards for S2, S3, S4, S4C, S4C+
  • Program editing and file transfers for S4, S4C, S4C+ (w. DSQC540)
  • Copying of entire boot disk packs to the SD card
  • Printing of SD card contents
  • Creating disk lists


Download DDR PC Software 2 

DDR PC Software 2 Setup v2.5  (ZIP archive)

DDRPCS2 release notes ver2.5 english

“DDR PC Software 2” supports WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10. Please read the release notes prior to installation!

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